Jazz Dance

The Jazz Art began around 1800’s as a union of various movement styles. In  of move that started in the 1900's it became an established African American development. Joe Frisco around 1910 gained fame for his unrestrained close to the ground movements while juggling cigar and Derby. The Jazz of 1950's was Tap dancing along with Jazz, the Jitterbug, Boogie Woogie, Swing, Charleston, and  Lindy Hop music. Choreographer Katherine Dunham made Jazz and African American dance by adding modern work rooted in dances of Caribbean Jamaica, Tobago, Trinidad, Martinique, and Haiti. Dunham took her style to Broadway and  Hollywood and Broadway as a refined Jazz dance. The  Jazz dance in Pajama Game to Cabaret and Chicago is a smooth style with roots going back Tap, Ballet and Jazz music.  You…
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